Plain English writing skills course – staff training and public workshops

Make your writing clearer and easier to read

No one has ever complained that something is too easy to read.

By writing in plain English, you’ll make sure that your writing is not only read but also understood.

This writing workshop will teach participants how to:

  • make their writing clear and easy to comprehend
  • write for readers with low literacy levels (or who have English as a second language)
  • plan and draft what they need to say
  • choose the right words
  • write short, sharp and snappy sentences
  • make sentences active (and know when they need to be passive)
  • structure paragraphs
  • set the right tone for their audience
  • break down complex information through formatting, sentence structure, critical thought and word choice
  • proofread their own work and avoid common grammatical mistakes.


Customised writing training that comes to your office

Your needs are unique – and so your training ought to be as well.

This hands-on and practical writing course can be customised to cover the topics relevant to you, with the topics reflecting the kind of content that your participants work with.

Exercises can even be customised to suit you, and can be based on your own content if you choose.

The length of the course varies depending on your requirements, from half a day to three days.

Ask about staff training

Who am I?

I’m a former Sydney Morning Herald editor and UTS lecturer with over 20 years of writing experience.

Over the past decade I’ve worked with a wide range of organisations – from government departments and councils to universities, financial services and real estate firms – and I know how crucial using plain English is in the workplace.

Public workshops on writing in plain English

I also run writing workshops around Australia that are open to the public.

Register your interest and I’ll let you know when the next public course in your area will be.

One-on-one writing training

Personalised one-on-one sessions are also available, allowing me to focus on the specific writing skills you want to build – and the type of content you need to write.

Contact me to find out more.