Grammar and punctuation short course – staff and one-on-one training

A grammar and punctuation course created for writers

Grammar shouldn’t be about pedantry: instead, it should be about making your writing as clear and compelling as possible.

Created by a writer for writers, this practical and down-to-earth grammar and punctuation workshop covers:

  • why grammar and punctuation are important for readability
  • how to use commas, colons, semicolons, apostrophes and other punctuation marks
  • structuring sentences and paragraphs
  • understanding subjects, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, clauses, phrases and more
  • using strong verbs to make your writing evocative (and how to avoid nominalisations)
  • mastering tenses and verb forms
  • how the active voice can tighten your writing (and knowing when to use the passive)
  • how to apply everything you’ve just learnt to become a better writer (for example, you won’t just learn what participles are, but also when and how to use them)
  • spotting and fixing common punctuation and grammatical mistakes.

There’ll be plenty of exercises throughout the course so you can put theory into practice.


Staff training and one-on-one sessions

If your staff could use a grammar and punctuation refresher, then I can provide customised training online or on your premises anywhere in Australia.

One-on-one sessions are also available – either online or in person.

This punctuation and grammar course can be tailored to suit your needs and can also be combined with my editing course.

Ask for more information


Public grammar and punctuation course – webinar over two half days

Only eight places are available in each course to make sure everyone can participate and receive feedback. Tickets cost $380 (plus GST).

Digital handbooks and certificates will be given, in addition to a recording of the webinar.

Register your interest and I’ll let you know when the next course will be.


Who am I?

I’m a former Sydney Morning Herald editor and UTS journalism lecturer with over 25 years of writing experience.