Improve your media and interview skills – customised training

Learn how to interact with the media

I’m a former Sydney Morning Herald editor and journalist who helps people get their message across to the media — whether it’s in an interview or through a press release.

I train a wide variety of people from different backgrounds: from PR and marketing professionals to high-level executives.

As such, the training will be tailored to suit your needs and will be different for every client.

Topics that can be covered include:

  • understanding what the media wants – and how journalists work
  • identifying the kinds of stories that different media outlets will run
  • pitching your story to the media
  • writing press releases that will be read and not deleted
  • becoming comfortable and confident in media interviews
  • how to use key messages without sounding like a robot
  • contacting journalists and editors
  • handling media requests.

My media training can be run online or at your office anywhere in Australia.


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  • "Very useful workshop – highly recommended. Dan was very professional and questions and answers were welcomed. Nice and relaxed environment."
    Ciarne Denham – Jaywing
  • "Enjoyed the format and content and how elements had been applied to our work. Thank you for a fabulous session."
    Vanessa Hollidge – Reymond Communications
  • "Great workshop! It was very helpful to get an insight into how editors and journos respond to pitches."
    Mond Liu – The Atticism
  • "Really enjoyable. Content is broad, which is great – it links all kinds of comms strategies."
    Alana Doyle – Melba Support Services
  • "Loved learning how to cut my sentences and work on structure. Particularly good to get some tips for media releases and sending to journos. Great exercises to actually put theory into practice."
    Amelia Quenby – Tonic PR
  • "A helpful workshop which went over both the basics and pertinent points for copywriting and communications professionals."
    Vanessa Gregory – Access-DGC