Media training for executives, PR and spokespeople

Become confident – and effective – at dealing with the media

I’m a former Sydney Morning Herald editor and journalist who helps people get their message across.

I offer two kinds of media training:

  • executive media training, which helps prepare leaders for interviews, managing crises, and talking to the media
  • a high-level refresher course for PR and marketing professionals, so they can refine both their stories and the way they pitch them.
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Executive media training

Whether you’re giving an interview on camera, over the radio or to a newspaper or magazine, I can help you prepare (and relax) for it.

The training will vary depending on your needs and situation – but it can include:

  • preparing for difficult questions
  • understanding the different techniques journalists use – and knowing how to respond to them
  • steering the interview back to your key message (without being obnoxious or sounding like a robot)
  • knowing how to respond when the media contacts you
  • giving quotes that will actually be used by the media
  • making presentations more engaging
  • becoming aware of your body language and tone of voice
  • using rhetorical techniques (such as the power of three) to become more persuasive
  • becoming comfortable when being interviewed
  • practicing different interview scenarios.


Media training for marketing, PR and comms teams

Topics that can be covered include:

  • understanding what the media wants – and how journalists work
  • identifying the kinds of stories that different media outlets will run
  • pitching your story to the media
  • writing press releases that will be read and not deleted
  • becoming comfortable and confident in media interviews
  • how to use key messages without sounding like a robot
  • contacting journalists and editors
  • handling media requests.

If you only have one or two staff members who need training, I also offer half-day public courses on press release writing and pitching to the media.

Confidential media training customised for you

Everyone’s media training needs are different, which is why I’ll take the time to customise the course to suit your particular situation. I can also guarantee the training will remain entirely confidential.

I can run the training at your office or online – whatever you prefer.

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Dealing with Grumpy Editors book coverDealing with Grumpy Editors – the book

Dealing with Grumpy Editors explains what does and doesn’t work when it comes to pitching story ideas and press releases to the media.

It covers:

    • how to write press releases that will grab an editor’s interest
    • how to pitch stories
    • the danger of offering exclusives
    • the real reasons why some stories don’t make it to press
    • understanding what makes editors tick
    • what information editors and journos need from PR
    • what to do – and not do – when calling an editor
    • what should be on a PR’s and client’s website
    • how to handle media requests
    • interviews (and how to give good quotes)
    • PR damage control tips.

Price: AUD$4.99 for the ebook and US$5.99 for the paperback

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