High-level copy editing and proofreading

Forget the forest – focus on the trees

Most editing jobs involve a large amount of pages, which is why most editors charge per page and churn through three to six pages an hour. This gets the job done — but it’s impossible to achieve great results this way. It’s also why you see so many mistakes in supposedly edited work.

To make a single page perfect, it takes time: time to craft the perfect headline, time to craft sentences that pull readers in, time to make sure your professional image isn’t tarnished by a stray mistake. And then if you want that page optimised for conversions, SEO, accessibility and usability …

Well, you need a different kind of editor.

I specialise in editing individual pages, articles and campaigns to make them as effective as possible for the medium they’ll appear in. More specifically, I edit:

  • key pages of a website, from landing pages to those with call to actions
  • ad campaigns (print, web and email)
  • articles, whether they’re for blogs, magazines, newspapers or content marketing
  • proposals.
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