Communication skills training – courses for staff and one-on-one sessions

Become a stronger – and more confident – communicator

Imagine if you could become more persuasive, believable and able to get across your point of view. The way you communicate affects everything you do and yet this isn’t a skill most of us were taught.

I offer comprehensive communications training that looks at writing, speaking, body language, listening and being able to put yourself in other people’s shoes.

More specifically, my training covers:

  • reframing your message so it connects with your audience (whether it’s a single person or a group)
  • how to speak engagingly while being true to yourself
  • public speaking and presenting
  • using influencing language and rhetoric to motivate and get across your point of view
  • listening more effectively
  • strategies for having difficult conversations and dealing with conflict
  • how to be more assertive
  • how to give and receive feedback
  • key techniques to make your writing (from emails to reports) more effective and easier to read
  • improving your body language.


Communication skills training that’s customised for you

A communication skills workshop ought to be fun, lively and filled with activities and exercises that allow participants to immediately practice what they’ve learnt – and that’s exactly what I offer.

This course can be taught online or in person and can run for half a day or a full day depending on your requirements.

It can also be customised to suit you – for example, I can tailor it for leaders who would like to become more motivational, or for team members who need to work better together.

Handbooks and certificates will be given to each participant.

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One-on-one communication skills training

Personalised one-on-one sessions are also available, allowing me to focus on your specific situation and the communication skills you want to build.

Contact me to find out more.


Public communication skills workshops

I also run communication skills workshops around Australia that are open to the public.

Register your interest and I’ll let you know when the next public course in your area will be.