Social media marketing strategy and advice

It’s all fun and games until someone sues you

When organisations get sued for defamation, it’s usually because of something that appeared on their social media platforms.

There are more defamation cases in Australia than in the UK and US combined, since our laws do not protect free speech. As such, if someone posts a defamatory comment on your Facebook page, you’re considered responsible – and winning a defamation case is difficult.

What this means is that your social media platforms can become a liability if they’re not managed properly.

Social media is important for most organisations, but it’s important to understand the risks. Aside from defamation, it can also become a breeding ground for resentful customers or a way for an ill-judged marketing campaign to go viral for all the wrong reasons.


Need help launching or managing your social media channels?

I help organisations launch and improve their social media platforms (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) in a way that takes their culture, content and audience into account.

My services include:

  • helping you understand and navigate the risks, from defamation to brand reputation
  • explaining which social media platforms are best for your organisation
  • creating social media content strategies tailored for you
  • training staff on using the platforms
  • teaching how to write compelling social media copy
  • setting up social media policies and frameworks to protect you and your staff
  • developing methods to measure genuine performance.
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