Storytelling training for leaders and executives

Harness the power of storytelling for your message

As a former Sydney Morning Herald editor and journalist, I know that facts and numbers numb an audience – whereas a good story can engage, move and inspire.

This workshop will show you how to use storytelling to build trust and connection, whether it’s for speeches, sales, branding, or PR and marketing campaigns. It covers:

  • choosing the right kind of story to target your audience
  • developing story ideas that connect with what you need to say
  • structuring and refining a story to make it engaging
  • telling a story in a way that resonates with and inspires people
  • making sure your story is remembered by your audience long after it’s told
  • how to back up your stories with data
  • avoiding common storytelling mistakes.

Throughout the course you can practice creating and telling stories. This is a lively training session, allowing you to workshop your ideas and stories in a constructive, helpful environment.


Storytelling training for organisations and individuals

I offer custom training, which means I’ll tailor the course to suit your needs. After all, every client is different – and the skills needed to tell an effective story while giving a speech is different than if you’re creating a brand campaign.

As such, I work with a wide range of organisations, from not for profits and government departments right through to financial firms and marketing agencies. The people who go to my training also vary, and can include:

  • leaders and managers
  • brand, communications, marketing and PR professionals
  • sales staff
  • small business owners
  • anyone who wants to become persuasive and influential.

Many workshops focus on only one kind of story, but storytelling can encompass a wide range of narratives and techniques – from connecting your own personal experiences with your business message right through to tapping into the experiences of your clients, colleagues and peers. This workshop will help you explore what will work for you – and, more importantly, your audience.

I can provide in-house staff training at your office or online, as well as one-on-one sessions.

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