Practical advice to improve your website

Make your website as effective as possible

If you need to improve your website – whether it’s your home page or an entire site – I can help.

I’ll take the time to understand your situation and what you’re trying to achieve, assess your site, and provide practical suggestions on how to make it as effective as possible.


Improve your site’s writing – and SEO – and usability – and design

Most consultants focus on improving a site’s writing or design. Or its search engine optimisation (SEO). Or usability. My approach is different: I look at improving everything.

The reason is that you can’t separate good content from SEO or usability – they’re all connected.

That’s why some people go to SEO agencies only to find that while their site might rank higher as a result, their website becomes even worse from a user’s perspective. Or they’ll make their site look better, but their search traffic falls. To improve your site so that people can find it – and then find what they need once they’re on it – and have a great experience while doing so – you need to take a holistic approach.

I can review your site and explain, in plain English, how you can make it work better for you and your users.

Some suggestions will be quick and easy to implement – and I try to show people how they can improve their site in a way that will help them immediately. Other suggestions might be harder to put into place, in which case I’ll talk you through the options so you know where you stand and what to do next.

I can also advise on how to improve your website’s accessibility.


Help that is tailored to you – and your website

Everyone’s situation is different – and so the way I work will vary depending on what you need.

Some people simply want a chat in order to get a second opinion, while others need detailed information on how they can improve their site.

I also help those who are creating a new website or changing an old one – in which case, I’ll meet up as often as needed to guide you through the process and help you make your site as good as possible.

These days most of my sessions are done online (usually over Zoom), but I can also meet in person depending on your location.

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Specific ways in which I can improve your website

You might still be wondering how, exactly, I can help. Depending on your situation and what you need, I can: 

Improve your information architecture

Most people agonise over what should go into their navigation menus, and how their website should be organised – and that’s fair enough. The way your website is structured is crucial. I can help you sort out what would work best for your users.

Make your site easier to use

It’s easy to judge a site based on how it looks – but what’s more important is how easy to use it is. Usability (often referred to as UX) is all about understanding your users and how they use your site. A lot of common website trends (including pop ups and long scrolling sites) cause more harm than good. I can identify key problems and show you how to fix them.

Fine-tune your SEO

Improving SEO is easier – and faster – than most people realise. You don’t need to pay an agency a quarterly fee to regularly do it for you. Instead, I can teach you the basics so you can easily and quickly do it yourself in a way that works for your business.

Improve your writing

No one knows your business as well as you do – which is why you’re the perfect person to write your own content. I can give you the confidence and skills to do it yourself, from making your writing clearer and more persuasive to making it easier to scan and read online.

Explain how to improve your site’s design

The way your site looks will form people’s first impression of what you do. I’ll explain what does and doesn’t work, from what kind of images to use to what layouts work best.

Plan your marketing and content strategy

I can help you create a content marketing plan – from what kind of content you need and what the right mix is right through to how to schedule it and make it work across your web site, email campaigns and social media.

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