Brand communications strategy and tactical content advice

Engage and be heard through brand messaging

I’m a former Sydney Morning Herald editor who works with a wide range of organisations to improve their brand communications. This includes:

creating campaigns such as Macquarie University’s You are more than your ATAR (which I thought of, created the tagline [a phrase that has since become commonplace in education] and wrote the campaign copy)

helping organisations hone their brand by identifying who they are and making sure their comms reflect that

working with staff to help them create and implement a unified tone of voice (organisations I’ve worked with range from IOOF to the Sydney Opera House).

In short, I know what kinds of messages work and how to deliver them to different audiences.

I can help with both your brand communications strategy (developing your message) and your tactical communications (how you implement your strategy).


Develop a brand communications strategy that connects with your audience

My specialty lies in being able to develop a clear, compelling message that succinctly reflects what you need to say – and what people need to hear from you.

I’ll take the time to understand what you need to achieve, whether it’s:

  • driving brand awareness
  • increasing sales
  • motivating your employees
  • building your media profile.

Authenticity and consistency are crucial for branding. I can ensure your communications are recognisable, unique and reflect who you are by identifying and working on your:

  • writing style (and if you don’t have a style guide, I can create one for you)
  • tone of voice
  • brand values
  • key messages.

I work with a wide range of organisations – from small businesses and not for profits to government departments, universities and corporates – to help improve their internal and external communications.


Tactical communications (how you implement your strategy)

I can help work out the best way to deliver your content – whether it’s through your website, email marketing, social media or print – to make sure it’s engaging, consistent and in line with your branding.

This might involve working out what kind of content mix you need (and what your audience wants), how to develop it, creating a content calendar, and knowing how to implement and then measure your content’s success.

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