Brand communications strategy and tactical content advice

I’m a former Sydney Morning Herald editor with brand communications experience – and I know what kinds of messages work and how to deliver them to different audiences.

I can help with both your brand communications strategy (developing your message) and your tactical communications (how you implement your strategy).


Develop a brand communications strategy that connects with your audience

My specialty lies in being able to develop a clear, compelling message that succinctly reflects what you need to say – and what people need to hear from you.

I’ll take the time to understand what you need to achieve, what your audience wants to know, and to make sure you achieve your goals, whether it’s:

  • driving brand awareness
  • increasing sales
  • motivating your employees
  • building your media profile.

I work with a wide range of organisations – from small businesses and not for profits to government departments, universities and corporates – to help improve their internal and external communications.


Content advice tailored to suit your organisation

I can help work out the best way to deliver your content – whether it’s though your website, email marketing, social media or print – to make sure it’s engaging, consistent and in line with your branding.

If you’re going through a web transformation project, revamping your brand, or are simply trying to manage an ever-growing number of content contributors then I can also help you with content governance and management.

Content governance involves making sure everyone in your organisation is on board – and that the content creation is in line with your strategy. The larger your organisation, the harder governance becomes.

Content management is about the nuts and bolts of creating, editing, publishing and maintaining content.

My services range from simply meeting up and having a chat right through to running sessions with your content or management team. I can also provide:

  • content toolkits and templates
  • tone of voice (TOV) guides
  • content governance and management guidelines
  • advising on content calendars
  • responsible SEO advice
  • usability, accessibility and information architecture recommendations.
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