Why you should never, ever use AI to write your content. Ever.

There are two reasons why using AI to write anything is a bad idea:

  1. writing needs to be new and unique – for your audience, your brand and SEO
  2. communication is a human activity.


Your content needs to be new and unique

Unless you have something new and unique to say, don’t say anything. The Internet is already stuffed to the gills with repetitive, generic content – the same content AI trawls through to create yet more reconstituted generic crap.

AI is good – brilliant, even – at analysing existing data. It can perform repetitive tasks without complaining or needing a coffee break. But it doesn’t know who you are and what you need to say (and if you do say something, it ought to be coming from your experience and knowledge).

It doesn’t know who your audience is and what they need to know.

And most importantly, it can’t write anything new – it can only reconstitute copy from what’s been written before.

Writing for the hell of it is not a good content marketing strategy, despite what you might have heard, for several reasons:

  • it will not help your SEO, as Google values unique content – plus it will penalise AI-written copy
  • it will not help your brand, since you’ll come across like every other organisation churning out crap
  • it will not help your audience, because they want something new and unique – not an inferior copy or mashup of what others have done before.

You may initially fool your readers into thinking you wrote it yourself and that it’s unique – but treating your audience like fools is not a good idea. Instead, treat them with the same respect you’d give your friends and loved ones. Would you try to hoist AI-generated copy onto them?

Communication is a human activity

There’s also the crucial issue of meaning. Sometimes it’s not the words that matter, but the human intent behind them.

For example, if my wife tells me she loves me, that means the world to me. If a chatbot says it loves me, it’s meaningless.

Communication is a human endeavour. It’s about saying something original or heartfelt, something with meaning from you (and not a chatbot) to a specific audience. Sure, AI is a cute parlour trick, something you can use to create copy that still needs to be edited and fact checked in order to be average … but why would you?

Why would people who follow you want that? Why would you want to do that to your followers?

Be genuine. Be yourself. Writing isn’t that hard (especially if you go to one of my courses) – and even if your writing isn’t perfect, at least it’ll have come from you.

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