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  • Word to the Wise – a guide to avoiding word mix-ups

    By Dan Kaufman on December 2, 2018

    Do you know the difference between exalt and exult? Or fewer and less? If not, you’re not alone.

    One solution is to read Word to the Wise by Mark Broatch – it’s an easy to read (and occasionally amusing) book that untangles the mix-ups, misuse and myths of language.

    This article contains some examples from the book:

  • Dealing with Grumpy Editors – a book about pitching to the media

    By Dan Kaufman on August 22, 2018

    A down-to-earth guide for PR, marketers and small businesses on how to pitch stories to the media.

    Written by a former magazine and newspaper editor, this easy-to-read book provides tips on what to do (and what not to do) – from how to write great press releases to how to call an editor.

  • Why email automation can backfire

    By Dan Kaufman on July 10, 2018

    There are times when I think that maybe, just maybe, the world is completely unhinged.

    I think like this when a driver does a U-turn in front of me on an eight-lane highway.

    I think like this whenever I read the political news.

    And, recently, I’ve begun to think like this whenever I look at my inbox …

  • Why you should avoid superlatives and hyperbole in your writing

    By Dan Kaufman on May 24, 2018

    We all use superlatives, even if we don’t know the term.

    A superlative is a fancy way of saying something is the absolute best it can be – typical examples are most, best and fastest.

    Donald Trump uses them in almost every sentence – a good writer should never use them except if they can be proven.

  • Why a hyphen and a dash are not the same – and why a dash is easier to use than a semicolon

    By Dan Kaufman on March 18, 2018

    Most people have no idea that a dash is not the same as a hyphen – which is unfortunate, as a dash is an easy and effective way to add a pause into your writing …